Always Play Responsibly

Always Play the Lottery Responsibly

Playing the lottery is meant to be fun and relaxing and you should never let the lottery control you and your life.

Play within your means

Lottery is a game of chance. We can help you improve your chances of winning but there is still no guarantee that you will win. No one, and no software, can accurately predict the numbers that will be drawn in the next draw.

Hence, you should always play the lottery within your means using your excess cash.

As illustrated below, your excess cash is the balance amount after you have covered all the expenses for your lifestyle as well as any saving plans that you may have.

Play responsibly with your excess cash

As every household is different, and so are our lifestyles, there is no fixed value as to what the amount of excess cash is, or should be. You should know the amount of your excess cash and you should always play within this amount.

If you are unemployed, in financial difficulty or worse, in debt, please do not gamble or play the lottery.

Last but not least, if you can afford to play the lottery, always play intelligently and responsibly within your budget!

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