Lottery Analysis Service

Lottery Analysis Service

Due to the frequent requests from our users, we have decided to help you analyze your favorite lottery game.

Our lottery analysis service is available for Lotto and Powerball type games, which are supported by magayo Lotto software, not played on consecutive days and has less than 10 balls drawn.

For games that are played on consecutive days, there will not be enough time for you to purchase your tickets after receiving our analysis.

For games with 10 or more balls drawn, such as Keno, the number of balls to play can vary and the rules of these games may also be different in different parts of the world. Hence, we will also not analyze such games.

Our analysis service is also not available for add-on games such as "Plus", "Revancha" or "2nd draw".

Pick 3 and Pick 4 games are usually played on consecutive days and we do not provide our lottery analysis service for such games.

Please note that there is no guarantee that you will win and you should always play responsibly within your budget. As at March 2020, approximately 75% of our subscribers to our lottery analysis service have won a prize.

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How It Works

magayo Lotto software can help you improve your chances of winning. We will start with the recommendations by magayo Lotto software. We will then go through the individual statistics in magayo Lotto to tweak the recommendations where appropriate and further enhance your chances of winning.

By subscribing to our lottery analysis service, we will email you our detailed analysis for the next draw of your specified lottery game within 24-36 hours after the last draw.

Our detailed analysis comprises the pool of balls to play, the filters to use and a set of optimized tickets to play.

The number of balls and tickets to play may vary from game to game and from draw to draw, depending on the trends and patterns. They will also not be restricted to a certain number or a certain range. For example, please do not request us to provide you with only 10 tickets to play.

We do not provide the explanation or rationale behind our analysis or ball selection. You may refer to our software documentation and lottery strategy articles on how to analyze instead.

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How It Benefits You

Our lottery analysis service is ideal for those who do not want to spend time analyzing but would like to play with greater confidence of winning. You can also use magayo Lotto Android app which is designed specifically for quick ticket generation.

For those who are already using magayo Lotto software, you can generate more sets of tickets to play using magayo Lotto based on our analysis. You can learn how to analyze by comparing our lottery analysis with your own analysis. Our analysis can also complement your analysis.

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