Why do we need another dashboard?

I am always interested in the numbers behind the headlines, and this year that is even more important. There is a lot of data flying around, and sometimes I've found it a bit cumbersome to find simple pieces of data about Coronavirus in my local area.

I'm always interested in context. When we get fed the numbers about tests, positive cases, and deaths for the whole of the UK, the numbers sound big, but it is always good to see how that affects my immediate surroundings, especially whilst we are not travelling very far.

So I generally want to know about the COVID-19 figures for my lower level local authority, in the context of the upper level local authority, in the context of the country.

And that is what this site is meant to show. I did it for my local authority in Surrey, but I decided to expand it to get every local authority in the UK, and have a simple, plain English URL that I can visit to get my data.

For example, I live in Epsom and Ewell, so I can visit https://covidintheuk.com/epsomandewell to navigate straight to my data.

Hopefully some people will find this useful for the basic data.

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